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Do you enjoy delicious Thai food? But does it unfortunately taste a little different if you cook it by yourself or eat in a restaurant at home? Would you like to LEARN how to cook authentic, TRADITIONAL Thai dishes?

THAI CUISINE is becoming more and more popular around the world and rightly so, because Thai Food is EASY to prepare, very HEALTHY and contains UNIQUE FLAVORS and striking ingredients, making them perfect for both a quick meal, an elegant lunch or dinner. In Thai cuisine we use four main flavors: SWEET, SOUR, SALTY and SPICY. You will get to know Thai cuisine through a COOKING CLASS where you can choose from DIFFERENT MENUS. These thai cooking classes are primarily a social and relaxed affair to stimulate your taste buds in a Thai way.


Cooking at

offers you the building blocks for preparing Thai food from scratch. We ensure you will be capable of cooking several traditional Thai dishes for family and friends.

Apart from our traditional Thai cooking sessions, Cuisine@Thai also offers VEGAN & VEGETERIAN CLASSES and PRIVATE CLASSES.

Cuisine@Thai cooking class Bangkok aims to promote the ART OF THAI CUISINE, whether you are an inexperienced cook, or just want to improve your existing cooking skills. Cuisine@thai has three main goals: to TEACH cooking Thai food, to EAT great Thai food and to have a lot of FUN whilst doing so.



CHEF Alisa
Sous-Chef Puk



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